Un rayo de Sol

The first time I saw a Solar Panel was in my Grandmother’s village, a small community called Santiago with no electricity access in Northern Honduras. A small local company rented to the home owners a simple system consisted of one solar panel, one battery, and 4 light bulbs. It was like magic to see electricity powering the light bulbs, and replacing our kerosene lamps before to go to bed, it also powered my mind and ultimately that event changed my life forever.

Then in mid 90’s, the Honduran national electric company (ENEE),  started an electrification project and my Grandmother’s village was in the list. The community raised the money and provided free labor to build several miles of power lines. However, it took years to finish the project, and in 1999 my Grandmother passed away never having experienced electricity in her own home. One year after, the power lines were energized and Santiago was officially connected to the electric grid.

Seeing firsthand the importance of energy, I became an industrial-electrical engineer with a promising career in the energy industry. In 2008 as a Project Engineer for ENERCOM, I developed my design and project management skills on electrical projects, from power lines in rural and urban areas, to expand and remodel a 10MW US military power plant. I managed a selected group of highly qualified individuals, leading them all to the same goal: Exceed customer expectations through continuous improvement. In 2010, I became a registered Professional Engineer in Honduras and successfully designed, engineered, and stamped drawings to ENEE.

To give back to rural communities like my grandmother’s, I volunteered to continue the “Apollo” PV humanitarian project (abandoned by the European Community after a military coup in 2009), designing PV systems to power 430 remote homes, school’s computer labs, and medical clinics in rural communities.

Since 2011 in the US Pacific Northwest, I worked as a PV Systems installer for Sunbridge Solar. Then, I was an engineer for Corbin Consulting Engineers and I’ve had the privilege to continue working to very respected companies on unique and complex projects. In 2014, I became the PV Systems Engineer for Solarworld’s Power Projects and Solutions team, being the technical expert for the sales team, and detailed PV designs for 24MW contracted projects in 2015. Today, I continue using and perfecting my technical and management skills for design and construction of Solar PV systems as an independent solar PV consultant.

20 years later, I still feel the same magic when I saw that solar panel as a Kid. The Sun not only sparked that little rectangle, it also sparked that little boy, my passion, my dreams. With this extra motivation, I want to continue using the best of my capabilities to provide solar power solutions. Allow me the opportunity to share my passion in your next solar project.

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