Solar Energy Donation Project in Honduras

A medical center, school and church which are beacons of hope in a desperately underserved village in Honduras need reliable and clean solar power!

Ciudad España, a small town of 10,000 people, has zero industry and receives zero development aid from the government in Tegucigalpa, the capital 40km away. Because it costs ¾ of a day’s wage just for transportation to the closest sustainable source of income, citizens are not able to pay their public service fees, which is leading to dangerous health issues for the community. With the lack of job opportunities, their youth are being drawn to gangs and drug use.

My dear friend, Daniel and his family are working to change all this.
Instead of running away from the challenges, he is there, serving wholeheartedly as the pastor of the United Methodist Church Cristo Resucitado, a sanctuary for 250 members. His wife and daughter serve in the church’s medical clinic. And he built a school, San Juan Wesley, which today is giving 378 kids a valuable education and brighter future. That is, until the lights go out.

The national electric power supply to the community is unreliable causing blackouts during church services, medical services, and school hours. In addition, the cost of this unreliable electricity is $0.24/kwh, more than double the average energy cost in the United States!

Therefore, I am fundraising to install a 3KW solar system on the roof of the church and school. The goal is to raise $6,800 to buy and deliver 10 solar modules, one DC/AC inverter, racking and other electrical components. 100% of your donation will go directly to the cost of the system components, because we are covering all our own travel expenses and volunteering the professional design, coordination and installation.

The gift that keeps giving! The system will offset their energy usage by 20% and the energy savings of ~$950/year will be used to run the clinic rather than to pay an expensive electric bill. If we surpass our fundraising goal, we can purchase them a bigger system to offset a higher percentage of their energy need.

Please donate to make this project a reality!

Douglas Avila, a Solar Energy Consultant, and a member of Sunbridge Solar from Portland OR will be in Honduras in mid-May to install the system. Volunteers from the church will be involved with the install and logistics. Volunteers from local technical schools and universities in Tegucigalpa are welcome to join us to learn about Solar Energy. If you want to know more about the project click on the Contact button to email me or use the contact tab of my website.

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