We are PV designers and we understand how tedious and time consuming can be to produce a preliminary or detailed design. Avila Solar is very excited of being developing and testing a proprietary AutoCAD plug-in to automate PV layouts and reduce time and errors for PV designers. SOL CAD PV TM is intended for AutoCAD users and works for residential, commercial and ground mounts layouts with the following capabilities:

  1. Program draws solar panels within roofs or boundaries (any type of polygon) and detects roof obstructions and setbacks.
  2. Program draws clamps and railing for flush mounted and tilt up racking.
  3. Program draws rafters.
  4. Program draws and automate roof attachments.

We will be launching this product soon and it will be available for purchase for solar installers with in-house designers or PV design firms.

SOL CAD PVtm Sample

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