We literally believe the Sun shines for everybody, and that is why we partner with other solar companies to bring clean renewable energy to developing countries. We donate our design, labor, and travel costs to install off grid and grid connected systems in Central and South America, impacting the life of hundreds of people and communities. We are continually looking for donors and collaborators to offset part or all the expenses for solar social projects, if you want to be part of our volunteering team or want to propose a project please contact us.

On-Grid installation in San Mauricio’s Orphange, Bogota, Colombia, 2017 (Teams: Sunbridge Solar and Solo Solar)


Off-Grid installation in Muinamurui community, Leticia, Colombia, 2017 (Teams: Sunbridge Solar and Solo Solar)
Grid Connected System in Community Center of Ciudad Espana, Honduras, 2017 (Teams: Arqtuar)