Solar Feasibility Study

Get a detailed solar feasibility study in an easy to understand format.

Solar Feasibility Study

Our solar feasibility study evaluates the possibility of going solar at a specific site. There are many site-specific factors that may influence the efficiency of your system, such as structural loads, shading, equipment selection, etc.

commercial solar feasibility study 3d rendering

We consider all these factors and summarize it all in an easy to read the report. These reports are intended to be used for grant applications.

Detailed Solar Feasibility Study

Our reports are intended for business owners who need a study the feasibility of going solar to apply for a grant. They include everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

Solar Design

Our designs meet Energy Trust of Oregon Solar Ready Construction requirements. They include solar performance, structural and electrical drawings, conduit size, roof load calculations, and more.

Solar Permitting

We coordinate the permitting process between your project team and the parties involved (city, utility, etc). Any zoning issues or requirements by your utility are handled by our expert team.

Solar Panel Installation

After all the required permits are collected, we will install your system according to the approved drawings. The size of your system affects how much times is needed for installation.


After all the inspections have passed and your utility has given permission to operate (PTO), turn on the system and begin to produce your own clean energy!

Solar Ready Incentives by Energy Trust of Oregon

Avila Solar can also work under Energy Trust of Oregon Trade Allies and they can help you to get the following incentives:

Solar Early Design

Get $300 for including a Solar Trade Ally in your Early Design Assistance meeting.

Solar Ready Design

Up to $15,000 to build to Energy Trust Solar Ready standards if you can’t install solar panels at the time of construction.

Solar Development Assistance

Receive up to $1,800 to determine the solar potential of your project.

Solar Installation Cash Rebates

Get back up to $60,000 to install a solar electric system using all available Oregon solar incentives and rebates.

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