Harnessing the sun’s energy is within our grasp, and for developing countries, this is a golden opportunity. Solar power is an increasing market for more developed countries, which can benefit from less electric expense over time. It is also good for the environment because it replaces the traditional, and in effect harmful, methods of energy production.

We literally believe the Sun shines for everybody, and that is why we partner with other solar companies to bring clean renewable energy to developing countries. We donate our design, labor, and travel costs to install off grid and grid connected systems in Central and South America, impacting the life of hundreds of people and communities. We are continually looking for donors and collaborators to offset part or all the expenses for solar social projects, if you want to be part of our volunteering team or want to propose a project please contact us.

On-Grid installation in San Mauricio’s Orphange, Bogota, Colombia (Teams: Sunbridge Solar and Solo Solar)

Solar technologies are extremely promising with ever-increasing output efficiency and the capability to be used in a variety of locations. The intrinsic qualities of solar design afford it great utility for the following reasons:

1) Most developing countries are located in a remote region with optimal access to the sun’s rays, and not much else.

2) Most resources for fuel and energy that are available to developing countries can only be used by exploitation of the ecosystem, which leads to social decline.

3) Rising global independence of fossil fuels quickens the need for solar technology, which will increase competition and lower prices.

4) Solar systems are relatively affordable and applicable to both homes and villages, as households of industrialized nations are using solar more than ever before

5) Within solar technologies, passive solar design is absolutely the ultimate in renewable energy for buildings, and can be coupled with solar panels to achieve maximum comfort and sustainability.

Off-Grid installation in Muinamurui community, Leticia, Colombia (Teams: Sunbridge Solar and Solo Solar)