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    The solar drafting and permitting process for installing solar energy systems can be overwhelming because it is not standardized and can involve multiple different agencies. At Avila Solar, we take the guesswork and stress out of the entire process with our solar permit services. We offer a variety of different service packages to fit your needs exactly.

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    Professional Solar Permit Services

    Our solar permit services include detailed plans that our team designs specifically for your solar energy project, which can then be submitted to your city for permit approval and used to guide you or your contractor during the solar installation. 

    Depending on your exact project requirements, your solar plan set or permit will include all necessary details, such as:

    Experienced Solar Permit Specialists

    Our team of solar permit specialists will work directly with all local, state, or federal entities that are involved in the permitting process in your area to ensure that your solar project is properly permitted. Our permits are guaranteed to be accurate and fully compliant with electrical and building requirements.

    Easily Submit Your Solar Permit Plans

    Our solar permit process is quite simple: select the package that best describes your needs, submits your payment, and then you’ll submit your project’s details. Please remember to be as accurate as possible for a timely hand-off.

    If you are pursuing a commercial solar project, you will simply need to fill out our Commercial Design Request Form, and due to the highly variable nature of these projects, we will contact you with a price. Consultations are free. Our team of experts will take over from there to procure all necessary permits.

    Need changes to your solar planset? We provide free changes up-to 6 months from the order date.

    Expedited Solar Permit Process

    In a rush? No problem, we offer an expedited solar permit service. For an additional fee, we will have your permits ready to go in just two business days. We also are able to expedite individual solar plan sets.

    100% Money-Back Guarantee

    We have been in the solar industry for many years, and we are so confident in our expertise that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all of our permitting services. We also offer free revisions and updates to solar permits as needed.

    How-to Order Your Solar Plans

    We offer our clients an online service similar to shopping online.  With just three easy steps, you are on your way to getting your solar permitting package delivered to you.

    1. Select the solar permit services you require.
    2. Purchase your service at checkout.
    3. Submit your project(s) details using our easy online form.

    Select Your Solar Permit Plan Packages

    At Avila Solar, we know that not every residential solar installation project is the same, so we offer several different solar plans and packages so we can tailor our services to your project. No matter your solar permitting needs, we have an affordable package just for you.

    This package provides a solar plan set for the installation of solar panels only, with or without battery backup. The plan set will meet all state, local, and utility requirements.

    Our plan sets include the following sheets with any customization for your local Authority Holding Jurisdiction (AHJ):

    • Cover Sheet
    • Site Plan
    • Roof Framing Plan
    • Electrical Plan
    • Single Line Diagram
    • Labels & Datasheets
    Note: Depending on your local permit office a Structural and/or Electrical PE Certification may be required. You can add this additional product from our services in your cart before you check out. Permit and Certification fees not included.

    With COVID-19 most of the AHJs are now encouraging to pull permits online; sometimes this could be an overwhelming task. Do not waste time and effort trying to get a solar permit. We can handle all the paperwork on your behalf so you can relax and focus on your next sale. Contact us for our bulk discount.

    Note: Permit and Certification fees not included.

    We can complete part I and part II interconnection applications for residential and commercial projects. Contact us for our bulk discount.

    Note: Interconnection fees (if any) not included. Interconnection processing times varies per utility company (typically 2-4 weeks to get approval to install and 1-2 weeks to permission to operate)

    With COVID-19 most of the AHJs are now encouraging to pull permits online; sometimes this could be an overwhelming task. Do not waste time and effort trying to get an electrical permit. We can handle all the paperwork on your behalf so you can relax and focus on your next sale. Contact us for our bulk discount.

    Who is this for?
    This service is perfect for electricians so they can focus on sales, procurement and construction.

    Note: Permit fees not included.

    Our Engineering Partners will review your design and provide your project with the Professional Engineering (PE) Certifications you require.

    Sales support with an optimized solar layout that you can use for sales presentations. Energy simulation and shade report to incorporate into your sales proposal. We use state of the art solar tools such as Helioscope and Aurora Solar. If you sell the project this fee will be deducted from the final design cost.

    Call for a customized quote. Services may include pre-sales design, final planset, solar permit, electrical permit, interconnection part I and part II, monitoring setup, SREC registration, inspection packages, bill of materials, user manuals, investor packages for PPAs.

    Note: Month 1 includes an initial setup fee. This is to cover the extra time required to learn your project management process. In some cases, this may be waived. Please inquire.

    Commercial design solutions for rooftop, solar carports, ground mounts, or utility-scale for solar installers or EPC provides. With our engineering partners, we can provide structural and electrical certifications for your solar projects.

    Reduce Soft Costs

    Avila Solar Permit Services provides 100% guaranteed solar permits or your money back in all 50 states. Our specialists take the guesswork out of the solar permitting streamlining the process so you can move forward with your project quickly saving your company time, money, and stress.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. When installed incorrectly, solar energy systems can cause fire hazards and other dangers. Generally, you will need an electrical permit, a building permit, and a dedicated solar photovoltaic permit.

    In general, yes. Contact us with your exact project details for an evaluation of the permits necessary.

    You need to determine which local permitting agency and utility company are the enforcing agencies for your area, and then submit an application for a permit. Or, we at Avila Solar can take the guesswork and headache out of the entire process with our permitting services!

    Our solar permit packages start at $225 for a simple solar permit and increase from there depending on how many elements are included in the permit submission.

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