Douglas Avila founded Avila Solar in 2016. Since then he has supported the construction of 19.5 MW of solar electric projects and has directly designed permit documents for 7.8 MW residential, commercial and ground mounts projects as an independent consultant. Before his Entrepreneurship, he was the PV Systems Engineer for SolarWorld Americas where he was part of the Power Projects and Solutions team and supported the sales of 28MW.

He is very passionate about solar but has diverse capabilities with more than 10 years of project experience that enables him to offer solutions that requires electrical engineering and project management expertise. He is always motivated in cost-effective designs and developing PV design standards. His knowledge of the Solar industry and proficiency in electrical codes make him a valuable leader for different solar installers in multiple states. He enjoys helping and advising home and business owners interested in going solar. He holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering and Engineer-in-Training (EIT) Certification in the state of Oregon and he is in the process of getting his PE License.

In his free time, he enjoys time with his family, traveling, hiking, playing guitar, ukulele, discovering and collecting Latin American music.

Avila Solar is continuing to grow, and we expect to keep powering the Future and more Sunny days in the coming years!