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Solar Permitting & Drafting

Save time and money by offloading your solar permitting to us!

Solar Feasibility Studies

Get a detailed Solar Feasibility Study in an easy to understand format.

Solar design software

Try out our proprietary solar design software to reduce time and errors.

Project Consultation

Consult with one of our solar experts about solar for your home or business.

Our solar permit and solar drafting services are easy to order and include full solar drafting services for all size systems. From initial project evaluation to complete permitted project plans sets and everything in between.

Example Solar Plan Set

An example of the first 6 pages of our residential solar plan set.

Residential Solar Plan Set Example
Residential Solar Plan Set Example
Residential Solar Plan Set Example
Residential Solar Plan Set Example

Each state has their own sets of rules and regulations. For example, in some jurisdictions the local governments’ solar permitting process may require someone to show up in person in order to submit and pickup the permits. In this case, we are only able to serve areas where online permits are allowed or we where we have staff located to permit run for us. Therefor, the states are capable of 100% full-service are the following;​

*If you happen to live in a state that requires in-person submissions and pick up, you may still order our permit services. However, you are responsible for submitting the documents. Please contact our permit specialist to learn more how this works.

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SOL CAD PV™ is intended for AutoCAD users and works for residential, commercial pitched roofs layouts with the following capabilities:

  1. Adds solar panels within roofs or boundaries (any type of polygon) and detects roof obstructions and setbacks.
  2. Inserts all clamps and railing for flush-mounted and tilt-up racking.
  3. Draws structural rafters.
  4. Includes roof attachments or footings. 
  5. And much more!
Plan Final

There are many site-specific factors that may influence the feasibility of your project. Our detailed solar feasibility studies in an easy to understand format. They help evaluate the possibility of going solar in your business. Know the cost, savings, and estimated timelines before you make any major investments.

From start to finish, we will evaluate your property and help you find the right solar electric energy solution that fits your budget and goals. 

Services may include pre-sales design, final planset, solar permit, electrical permit, interconnection part I and part II, monitoring setup, SREC registration, inspection packages, bill of materials, user manuals, investor packages for PPAs.

Note: Month 1 includes an initial setup fee. This is to cover the extra time required to learn your project management process. In some cases, this may be waived. Please inquire.

Our mission is to provide high-quality drafting services to solar installers around the world and to support them with creative sustainable solutions and best solar practices as value-added.

Organizations We're Proud to Support

OSSIA solar logo

Who is OSSIA?

The Oregon Solar + Storage Industries Association is a trade organization founded in 1981 to promote clean, renewable, solar technologies with members including  businesses, non-profit groups, and other stakeholders.

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Who is the Energy Trust of Oregon?

The Energy Trust is a mission-based organization collaborating with utilities, nonprofits and government agencies to deliver significant clean energy benefits for the state of Oregon & SW Washington.

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