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    Solar Plan Sets For Any Project

    Solar plan sets are a crucial part of the solar permitting process – they enable you to visualize how the system will look, provide a detailed plan for your installation contractor, and are necessary to get building and electrical permits approved for your project. At Avila Solar, we offer a variety of different affordable and detailed solar plan set packages to meet your solar project needs.

    Residential Solar Plan Set Example

    Residential Solar Plan Sets

    For residential solar projects, we have three different plan set package options:

    PV Only Plan Sets

    The first option is for PV only, a plan set for installing roof-mounted solar panels with no battery backup system. Our plan sets are designed to meet all state, local, and utility requirements. You can request changes to your plan sets for up to six months, and if any corrections or updates are necessary to get your permits approved, we will make the changes at no cost.

    Our PV plan sets include a cover sheet, a site plan, a roof framing plan, an electrical plan, and a single line diagram of the system. If your Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) requires a structural and/or electrical Professional Engineering (PE) certification, we offer this as an add-on service that can be purchased separately from our base plan set package.

    Please note that the permit and certification fees are not included in the price of your plan set. Load calculations for panel de-rating are not provided as part of a basic plan set, although they can be purchased separately as an add-on service.

    PV + Battery Plan Sets

    We also offer plan sets for residential systems that include solar panels as well as a battery backup system. Again, we guarantee that our plan sets will meet all state, local, and utility requirements, and we will correct or update your plan set at no charge if your permit application requires it.

    As with the PV Only package, this plan set will include a cover sheet, a site plan, a roof framing plan, an electrical plan, and a single line diagram. Permit and certifications fees are not included in the price. Professional Engineering certifications, load calculations for backup panels, and service panel de-rating are not included in the package, but they can be purchased as add-on services.

    Ground Mount Plan Sets

    Finally, we offer ground mount plan sets for residential systems, both with and without battery backup systems. These plan sets include all of the same elements as the above packages, but they are designed for ground-mounted panel systems rather than roof-mounted systems.

    Commercial Solar Plans Sets

    At Avila Solar, we also offer a plan set package for commercial solar energy systems up to 500 KW in size. These plan sets can be customized for rooftop or ground-mounted panels as well as for solar carports. Our commercial packages include design and drafting services only and include a site plan, an electrical layout and diagram, a cable schedule, placards, racking details, and datasheets.

    This package does not include Professional Engineering certifications (again, they are available as an add-on service), battery storage plans, medium voltage data, or SCADA, and they are limited to one interconnection point per solar project. If your project is larger than 500 KW or exceeds the scope of work outlined above, please contact us directly for a plan set pricing estimate.

    Competitive Pricing

    We offer very competitive pricing on our solar plan set packages. Our goal at Avila Solar is to make solar energy affordable and accessible to all, so we do everything we can to keep your costs down.

    Get Your Solar Plan Set Done Right

    At Avila Solar, our team of designers are experts at what they do and have years of experience creating solar plan sets. Our plan sets can be submitted directly to your AHJ for permit approval, and our solar permit specialists can even take care of that aspect as well – we can put together your permit application and work with your AHJ directly to obtain the necessary permits. 

    The plan sets can then be used by your solar installation contractor as a guide. Contact us today to get started or if you have any questions about the solar design and permit application process! Our friendly experts are here to help guide you through the entire process.

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