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    solar drafting and permit for residential home

    Solar installation companies often do not have the time or resources to draw up individual permit plan sets for each of their customers. Fortunately, that’s where we at Avila Solar come in. We have a well-versed solar drafting team that not only handles all of our draftings but is also available to take on outside work.

    What is Solar Drafting?

    Solar drafting is the process of taking solar energy system plans from hypothetical to a technical, implementable, on-paper plan with specifics and calculations to support its implementation.

    At Avila Solar, we use computer-assisted drafting (CAD) rather than manually drafting each plan. CAD allows us to have templates on file for certain cities, counties, etc. that meet the local Authority Having Jurisdiction’s (AHJ) requirements. Once we’ve selected the correct template for the client’s area, we can simply make small adjustments to the size, layout, and so forth of the plans.

    Our drafting services provide you with detailed diagrams that take into account electrical, mechanical, structural, and architectural considerations. We will provide you with two-dimensional and three-dimensional plans for any type of solar project that you and your clients can dream up, whether it’s residential or commercial, roof-mounted or ground-mounted, a massive solar farm system or a small off-grid system.

    Solar Drafting Using Latest CAD Software

    Solar drafting with CAD also allows us to easily and efficiently take into account the angle of the sun and provide a three-dimensional shading analysis of the site as well as various Solmetric calculations that assist with the best possible positioning of solar panels. Our services will also provide quick figures on how much energy output can be expected from a planned solar energy system.

    The best way to guarantee the success of the solar industry and renewable energy, in general, is to ensure that it costs less than fossil fuel and other non-renewable sources. By using our cost-effective solar drafting service, you can keep your solar installation costs low, win more customers, and make a bigger impact on environmental preservation.

    Let Us Handle Your Solar Drafting

    Sending your solar drafting to us will first and foremost save you money and time, as opposed to manually drafting plans yourself. Our drafters are professional, experienced, and familiar with many different AHJ requirements. By using CAD, we can offer an exceptionally quick turnaround time that will keep you on schedule.

    Additionally, since our solar plan sets are so thorough and computer-generated, there is a very slim chance of errors. This means that you will not be stuck in the time-consuming loop of submitting plan sets and permit requests only to have them denied, which then means you have to make revisions and resubmit them all over again. These delays can cause frustration to build for your clients and put you behind schedule and over budget.

    Our services are quality-assured, so you know that you are getting the best possible service. We have a rigorous training program and supervision, so you know that you will not be receiving plans made by someone we hired fresh out of school last week. All of our plans are double-checked, accurate, and delivered on time. We take pride in our work and it is our goal to provide exceptional plans to our clients, which in turn keeps your clients happy.

    The Negatives

    The only potential negative of outsourcing your solar drafting is that we may have to play a bit of the telephone game in order to convey plans, changes, and so forth. However, to solve this we have a robust submission form and ordering system that is designed for speed and quality so there is less back-and-forth.

    If we aren’t available to chat the moment that you call, we will call you back as soon as possible in order to keep our drafting process moving along smoothly and provide you with speedy turnaround time. You may also contact us via your client dashboard where you manage your orders.

    Our Solar Drafting Prices

    We offer affordable prices on all of our drafting services and we have a variety of different packages in order to meet your needs exactly.

    Our solar plan set package retails for $225 and includes a cover sheet, site plan, roof framing plan, electrical plan, single line diagram, and labels and datasheets. All of these components will be customized for the relevant AHJ and are for the purpose of installing solar panels only.

    • Cover sheet
    • Site Plan
    • Roof Framing Plan
    • Electrical Plan
    • Single Line Diagram
    • Labels and Datasheets

    This package includes the solar plan set mentioned above, plus we will submit the requests for solar permitting and utility interconnection directly on your behalf to eliminate a few steps from the process. This package costs $575.

    We also offer a commercial solar permit and plan package. The price for this service varies based on the scope, so contact us today for a customized quote. This package includes pre-sales design, final plan set, electrical and structural engineering, solar/electrical/interconnection permits, monitoring setup, SREC registration, inspection, bill of materials, user manuals, and much more.

    Why Choose Us

    We have years of experience in the solar drafting industry, and we’d love to share that experience with you by taking on your solar drafting needs.

    Our Quality-Assured Process

    We assure high-quality products for our clients by using CAD to create plans from templates that are custom designed for each AHJ. These templates help us keep our costs low and competitive so we can spend adequate time performing load, wire, and string calculations, fire set-back calculations, and other customizations for each plan set.

    At Avila Solar, we love what we do and that passion shows through in our work. It is our mission to make solar energy accessible and affordable to all, which will in turn protect our planet.

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