AutoCAD Solar Design Tool

Our Solar Design Software for AutoCAD is called the SOL CAD PV™ and is available for purchase for solar installers with in-house designers or solar design firms. Our plugin will reduce the amount of time you will need to create a solar design for your permits, interconnection, and more. Test it out for yourself for 30-days before committing to our yearly plan.

SOL CAD PV™ is intended for AutoCAD users and works for residential, commercial and ground mount layouts with the following capabilities:

  • Adds solar panels within roofs or boundaries (any type of polygon) and detects roof obstructions and setbacks.
  • Inserts all clamps and railing for flush-mounted and tilt-up racking.
  • Draws structural rafters.
  • Includes roof attachments or footings.

Test Before You Buy

30-Day Free Trial Before You Buy

Want to test out our AutoCAD plugin for solar professionals before you make a purchase? We offer a 30-day free trial to any designer looking to use our PV design tool. 

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